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Initial thoughts for SFPC

I am a self-diagnosed outcome-oriented person

I am looking for SFPC to be a time for growth. I will have to try to push the outcome-oriented part of my personality out, and welcome in the patient, present section.

That being said.

I want to produce a kick-ass project(s) during my time here.

Let’s boggie (aka brainstorm). Cue Cowboy Bebop intro song.

➥ Play Cowboy Bebop


  • Is creative technology more about the idea or the tooling?

  • Create a hardware version of the clock project

Processing Clock

  • Can we hear sight like we can visualize sound?

  • Visualizing sound studies (with open frameworks or threeJS)

  • Work on my hardware idea for active noise cancellation. See how to elaborate on the idea in an installation-art format

  • Create some sort of projection mapping on a wall of water (this could cost some extra $$$)

  • Create identical artwork and show the implemention on the coding side.

  • Create an interactive game which is commentary on the women in technology situation

  • Create a hardware version of words forming from a wall of letters

Helvetica Poster

Next Episode

While I am very eager to start working on projects, I also want to spend time addressing what sorts of “soft skills” I can learn from my time here.

Not sure if soft skills is the right wording, but yeah, pretty much this: !outcome.