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Day 0 @ SFPC

Into the Rabbit Hole

The 10-week residency at SFPC was compared to that of the Rabbit Hole from “Alice in Wonderland.” A place where one has free reign to explore topics in depth.

Frame from video created by Gene Kogan —

Frame from video created by Gene Kogan — link

Graph created by data inserted from a Neo4j example

What do I want _____?

to learn? to make? SFPC to be? We were all prompted with these questions on our first day. My responses follow.

______ to learn

There are so many topics. Talking to my classmates, I am discovering more already. Topics I would like to explore are projection mapping, openCV, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more embedded systems. Also, from a more holistic perspective, I’d like to gain better insight on the “creative technology” field people keep talking about. There are many great people involved in the SFPC community. I feel like there are many things to learn from those involved.

______ to make

I would like to make an interactive art piece. Something that incorporates music, hardware, software, and projection mapping (if there’s time!). I also plan on collaborating with others, and to form more ideas to work on.

______ SFPC to be

I want SFPC to be a place where people can collaborate and create incredible projects. I want it to be a community where the sum is greater than any of the parts.